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Our pieces are made with sustainable materials.


All of our pieces are made in solid 10K, 14K gold or sterling silver.

Buy-Back Program

Trade-in your previously worn VIIV pieces.

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Redefining Sustainable Jewelry

We are a Montreal-based company with a mission to create on-trend pieces that change with you while being infinitely recyclable. Join our regenerative community where jewelry is affordable, sustainable, trade-in-able, and good for our planet.

Featured Pieces

A collection of our favourite pieces!

With each piece you wear, you make a statement not only of style but also of your commitment to a more sustainable future.

14k gold hoops

Core Collection

Our collection, thoughtfully curated, not only echoes your unique style but also embodies the commitment to an eco-conscious future.

14k gold mama necklace

Mama Collection

Mothers, the heart of our village, nurture a future of love and sustainability for generations. May she wear this name proudly.

14k gold bee charm

Eco Collection

We are committed to sustainability, a percentage of the proceeds for the sale of each item in our eco collection is donated to Équiterre, a local green initiative.


Creating a Positive Impact Through Jewelry

VIIV was born out of a desire to make a positive impact on the world of jewelry. We recognized a void in the market: the lack of sustainable, high-quality jewelry that can be enjoyed for generations while reducing environmental and social impacts.

We hope to fill that void by creating a culture and community of thrifting in the jewelry space, promoting the idea that jewelry is infinitely recyclable, not a disposable commodity.

Our process is designed with sustainability in mind, from the moment we source our materials to the way you experience your jewelry.

Ethical & Sustainable Sourcing

We begin by meticulously selecting materials that align with our commitment to sustainability. VIIV jewelry is crafted exclusively from 10K, 14K, and sterling silver, ensuring that each piece is infinitely recyclable. We take pride in our decision to abstain from gold plating, as it often lacks the sustainability we value. Our materials are sourced responsibly, minimizing the impact on the environment and upholding fair labour practices.

Made to Order Just for you

14k gold layered chains

We’re committed to reducing waste in the jewelry industry. That’s why each piece is made to order. This approach may take a bit longer for shipping, but it significantly reduces excess inventory and minimizes our environmental footprint.

Sustainable Packaging & Delivery

Your jewelry deserves nothing less than the finest presentation. VIIV Boutique takes great care to package your precious pieces in sustainable and eco-friendly materials, reducing the impact on our planet.

Unique Buy-Back Program

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond crafting beautiful jewelry. We have established a unique buy-back program to ensure the regenerative nature of our pieces. When you’re ready to part with your VIIV jewelry, you can sell it back to us. We’ll refurbish and resell the pieces, contributing to a more circular and sustainable jewelry ecosystem.

Affordable & Pre-Loved Jewelry

14k gold layered necklaces

We believe that sustainability should also be accessible. That’s why we sell our refurbished, previously-loved pieces at more affordable prices, allowing you to spend less, recycle more, and reduce your ecological footprint.

Infinitely Recyclable

Our jewelry follows an infinitely sustainable cycle: buy new, trade-in, buy used. This approach ensures that your jewelry continues to live on, reducing the demand for new resources and supporting a healthier planet.

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Explore our collection, embrace your style, and make a lasting impact with VIIV.

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