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Our mission is to create on-trend pieces that change with you while being infinitely recyclable. Join our regenerative community where jewelry is affordable, sustainable, trade-in-able, and good for our planet.

VIIV was born out of a desire to make a positive impact on the world of jewelry. We recognized a void in the market: the lack of sustainable, high-quality jewelry that can be enjoyed for generations while reducing environmental and social impacts. Our hope is to fill that void by creating a culture of thrifting in the jewelry space, promoting the idea that jewelry should be a lifelong investment, not a disposable commodity.



At VIIV, we are committed to sustainability in every aspect of our business. We use only solid 10k, 14k gold, and sterling silver, avoiding gold plating, which can compromise sustainability. Our materials are ethically sourced, and we work closely with local vendors to minimize our carbon footprint and support local businesses. We take pride in reducing our environmental and social impact. Our sustainable packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials, ensuring that every aspect of our business aligns with our core values.

Our goal is to set an example for sustainable fashion, retail practices, and consumerism. We aim to challenge the jewelry industry by offering pieces that are made from more sustainable materials and can live on through our innovative Buy-Back Program, creating a more affordable and environmentally friendly approach to jewelry. Our unique Buyback Program sets us apart. When your VIIV jewelry no longer serves its purpose, you can sell it back to us in accordance with our terms and conditions. Others can then purchase these pre-loved pieces, extending the life cycle of each item and reducing the waste that ends up in landfills. Solid 10k, 14k gold, and silver retain their value and quality, making them ideal for this initiative.



VIIV is the creation of four best friends who share a vision of beautiful, affordable, and sustainable jewelry. Keely and Christiane, Graduate Gemologist alumni from the Gemological Institute of America, bring their expertise to our jewelry design, ensuring that every piece is both stunning and sustainable. Christopher has been working as a developer for over a decade and has amassed substantial experience creating websites for not-for-profit organizations, government institutions and companies focused on green initiatives. Erin is an attorney working in privacy law and has expertise assisting companies in instituting governance practices that protect individuals and reflect the values of an organization.

Keely Goldberg


Keely is our 3rd generation jeweler and gemologist, and leads the team on all elements of jewelry design and production.

Christiane Stilson


Christiane is our gemologist, human systems expert and helps guide the team in all matters of sustainability.

Erin Schachter


Erin is our legal consultant, with an expertise in privacy governance. She manages our governance structure and legal programs.

Christopher Waldau


Christopher is our experienced web designer and developer and handles everything about how our website works.

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