Moon Phase Charm

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Experience the celestial cycle with our sustainable Moon Phase Charm from the Eco Collection – a symbol of transformation and harmony with the cosmos.

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Discover the celestial elegance with our Moon Phase Charm, offered in solid 14k golds and sterling silver, measuring 6×37.16mm. This exquisite piece captures the enigmatic beauty of the moon’s cycle, with each phase holding a deep symbolic meaning:

– New Moon: A time for new beginnings and fresh opportunities.
– Waxing Crescent: Represents intentions, hopes, and growth.
– First Quarter: Symbolizes courage, action, and overcoming obstacles.
– Waxing Gibbous: Reflects refinement, adjustment, and perseverance.
– Full Moon: Denotes fulfillment, clarity, and realization of dreams.
– Waning Gibbous: Signifies gratitude, sharing, and introspection.
– Third Quarter: Encourages release, letting go, and forgiveness.
– Waning Crescent: Represents surrender, rest, and preparing for a new cycle.

As part of our Eco Collection, this charm not only connects you with the cosmos but also with our planet. We proudly contribute 15% of all Eco Collection proceeds to Équiterre, supporting their efforts in environmental stewardship. Our commitment to sustainability is mirrored in our eco-friendly packaging, shipping, and social practices, ensuring your choice champions both cosmic wonder and the health of our Earth. Please note, this charm does not include a chain, giving you the liberty to customize your style while supporting our shared vision for a sustainable future.

Weight 2.34 g
Dimensions 6 × 37.16 mm

Sterling Silver, 14K Yellow Gold, 14K White Gold, 14K Rose Gold

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Moon Phase Charm
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