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14k gold hoops

Core Collection

Our collection, thoughtfully curated, not only echoes your unique style but also embodies the commitment to an eco-conscious future.

14k gold mama necklace

Mama Collection

Mothers, the heart of our village, nurture a future of love and sustainability for generations. May she wear this name proudly.

14k gold bee charm

Eco Collection

We are committed to sustainability, a percentage of the proceeds for the sale of each item in our eco collection is donated to Équiterre, a local green initiative.

Thank you for Supporting VIIV’s mission to promote ethical and sustainable jewelry.

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At VIIV, we’re not just about creating stunning jewelry; we’re on a mission to redefine jewelry with a commitment to sustainability. From our Montreal-based boutique, we make conscious choices every step of the way. Including our choice to choose infinitely recyclable materials, and to choose the best quality packages such as sustainable ink and packaging.

We’re proud to support local businesses, embrace ethical practices, and make choices that positively impact our planet. Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future. Learn more about our practices on sustainability here.

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